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Paul McCartney WANTS YOU to stop whatever you are doing and check out my gallery!

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Amor de Inverno
Um gole de Bourbon para aquecer a alma e para apagar a memória. Eu andei pela neve lá fora, vendo o céu laranja escurecer lentamente. Ela apareceu na minha mente por um segundo e novamente eu fiquei deprimido. Mais um gole. Deitei na neve, ignorando protestos de meu gélido corpo, e fiquei à deriva do vento, minhas mãos cada vez mais geladas. Eu tinha deixado a pousada às nove da manhã, e agora já era quase noite. Não sabia mais onde eu estava, nem se conseguiria voltar para a pousada antes de congelar até a morte, mas não me importava. Tudo que se passava por minha mente era Aline. O anjo dos olhos castanhos, dos cabelos negros, das bochechas que coravam no frio e na vergonha. Ela tinha ido embora.
Eu conheci Aline com o começo do inverno. Todo mês de Junho Henrique, Fernando e eu íamos à Bariloche esquiar. Junho começava o inverno, então era a melhor época para o esporte. Henrique não e
:iconvbiancardine:vBiancardine 10 4
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Bullet; Black Rules:
1.) Copy and paste the text into your journal.
2.) Answer truthfully and be honest.
3.) Pick one of your OCs. If you don´t have an OC, you can use a character you like.
4.) Tag at least 5 or more people you know. If you don't know anybody, go to the main page and pic some random people.
5.) After publishing your journal, go to everyone you tagged and say "You got tagged!" and paste a link into the comment so they find your journal.

Bullet; Blue The questions:
1.) How is the name of your OC? Luciela
2.) Gender and age? Female, 17
3.) Animal, anthro or human? Human
4.) What is your OC's favorite food? She loves any kind of dessert.
5.) Does he/she love sex? She's heavily introspective and shy, trying to hide it looking like a cold and serious person... But I guess she would like it, when with the right person, close enough to break her social shields. *tsundere*
6.) Player or serious? Does your character like easy and short romances or does he/she search for the one and only love? She isn't looking for relationships of any kind. She's too serious and busy.
7.) Does your character think he/she is attractive and sexy? No. She doesn't think in this stuff.
8.) What is the most important thing in your OC's life. Her martial arts and fencing training. It's everything in her life, and it helps to clear her mind and find peace.
9.) Would you sell your OC to someone like Disney Company if they would ask you? Well, yeah.
10.) Do you have planned to let your OC die in a story or is he/she already died? If yes, tell us how :) (Smile) Uhm, I guess that I would create moments of uncertainty about her survival, but after all, she's kinda the only one of her storyline I don't intend to kill. *ebil*

PEOPLE I SHALL TAG (if you don't want to be tagged than you don't have to do it)
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  • Watching: Rewatching Supernatural
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Eating: Gnocchi with mayonnaise salad
  • Drinking: Tubaína (brazilian stuff)


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"Cloudy day... Perfect weather!"

Death is a illusion. And so are your pants.


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